Canon Anthony Dwyer
Our Lady of Lourdes
1 Kirkwick Avenue
01582 712245

Church Address:
Our Lady of Lourdes RC Church
Rothamsted Avenue

Office Administrator: Mrs Melanie Armitage
Office hours: 9.30am - 12.30pm, Mon to Thu
Safeguarding Representative: Mrs Brigid Brennan

Our Lady of Lourdes is a Fairtrade Parish and a LiveSimply Parish.

“So faith comes from what is heard”
Romans 10:17

Faith Sharing Groups

Lent and Advent Groups

Each year, during the periods of Lent and Advent there is an opportunity for anyone who wishes to, to join in with small faith-sharing groups. These groups meet once a week for the 6 weeks of Lent, or 4 weeks of Advent in someone’s home.

These are friendly, welcoming groups of parishioners and friends of any denomination or none. Together in these groups we read scripture, pray, reflect and share our thoughts on a given theme and enjoy each other’s company along with a cup of tea or coffee. There is no pressure on anyone to speak, just come and listen if that is what suits you best.

Look out for the details of the next group in the newsletter or on the News page.

Oasis Group

The Oasis Group meets once a month to read, discuss, reflect and pray about the scripture for the coming weekend. Everyone is welcome and there is no pressure to speak. Many participants prefer just to listen.  If you are interested in attending contact details are on the Groups & Ministries page.

Life Ascending

Life Ascending is a Christian movement for retired parishioners, and particularly those living on their own, in their middle and later years.  The group meets twice a month and offers spirituality through prayer and discussion as well as friendship, and encourages helping the sick and the lonely, those without faith and all younger people.  If you are interested in attending contact details are on the Groups & Ministries page.

The Newman Association (Herts Circle)

The Newman Association was founded in 1942 to continue the work begun by St John Henry Newman in the 19th Century, to have a more “educated Laity”. The group organises talks, social gatherings, pilgrimages, a book club and other events and meets in different church halls across the area.  Find out more about joining this group on the Groups & Ministries page.